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Our first priority is to understand children and

develop an environment that is encouraging and

positive,so that everyone enjoys playing and becomes

excited to learn the game of Soccer. If taught with

understanding the game of soccer will be

something that enriches a child's life far into adulthood.


What Kids Want !

A survey of over 20,000 kids nation-wide when asked,

"Why they participate in sports?" said:


1) To have fun

2) To improve their skills

3) To stay in shape

4) To do something they are good at

5) The excitement of the competition

6) To get exercise

7) To play as part of a team

8) The challenge of the competition

9) To learn new skills

10) Winning - LAST on the list


95% of kids would rather have fun than worry about



90% of kids said they would prefer to be on a losing

team if they were actually able to play rather than

warm the bench on a winning team


At no time did a child use the word *elite*