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Hat Trick Heroes

The term "hat trick" is used when a single player achieves three scores in a single game. Its first recorded usage was after a game of cricket when bowler H.H. Stephenson took three consecutive wickets and was awarded a hat. The term migrated to other sports such as soccer.

  • Michael u-10 Boys Warriors Spring 2017 Score 3 goals against local rivals (derby game)
  • Diego and Jack U-9 Boys Warriors Spring 2017 Scores 3 goals in consecutive games
  • Arista u-12 Girls Hot Shots Spring 2016 Scores 3 goals to help win the game
  • Joaquine U-13 Boys Warriors Spring 2017 Scores 3 goals to put he team on the road to victory
  • Hannah U-12 Girls Hot Shots Spring 2017 Scores 3 goals to turn the game in her teams favor
  • Sasha u-10 Boys Avengers Fall 2016 Scores 3 goals and more. Leads to an undefeated season.
  • Bella u-12 Girls Hotshots Spring 2017 Scores 3 goals in an impressive first game of the season.
  • Enzo U-14 Boys Warriors Spring 2017 Scorer of 3 goals in the game that sets his team up to win the league title
  • Oceane u-8 Girls Hotshots Spring 2017 Matching her sister Chloe's exploits by scoring 3 goals in three games.
  • Chloe U-8 Girls Hotshots Spring 2017 Matching her sister Oceane exploits by scoring 3 Goals in three games
  • Vivian U-8 Girls Hotshots Spring 2017 A player with a true Hot Shot. Scorer of numerous hat tricks in this unbeaten season.


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What Kids Want

  • To have fun
  • To improve their skills
  • To stay in shape
  • To do something they are good at
  • The excitement of the competition
  • To get exercise
  • To play as part of a team
  • The challenge of the competition
  • To learn new skills
  • Winning - LAST on the list


  95% of kids would rather have fun than worry about winning

90% of kids said they would prefer to be on a losing

team if they were actually able to play rather than

warm the bench on a winning team.