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Warriors 8- 10years

Through the solid class coaching received from the Mersey coaches the Warriors have evolved an exciting style of play.

As a new team to the Norcal league in 2017 the then u-9 Warriors displayed outstanding individual ball skills and when  connected to strong team work the formula for a winning team was accomplished.

This new season the team will play at a higher level as result of winning their division.

A player must pass an evaluation test before he may join The  Warriors competitive program .

Call 510 232 4625 to arrange for a player evaluation.

Registration steps

If you have passed the tryouts tests then the next step is to sign up.

1) Pay for team enrollment and become a member of the Mersey Soccer Club.(see fees).

2) Send player's documents (see documents)


Fees include a Mersey Soccer Club feet and a Warriors team fee

The Mersey Soccer Club membership fees are all costs that each member must pay towards the club's general overhead. These include full time staff, club insurance, advertising, marketing, supplies, etc.

Team fee includes the team uniform the league registration, referees and field costs

Choose a payement plan

Pre pay Warriors team fee before July 1st $550 after $570.

Click join Warriors team- pre pay

b) Monthly Installment ($120 five payments) July 1st

Click join Warriors team- monthly pay


The following documents are required so we can obtain a player's card for your child..

1) Photograph of the front of player's face (no hat no glasses)

2)) Copy of Birth certificate or passport (if your child has not played in the league before)

3) Down load and fill out Club Reg form click club reg form