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Welcome to Mersey Soccer Club!

We were founded in 1985 by a group of Berkeley parents who wanted to move away from parent volunteer coaching, to a more reliable way of finding a coach who would be an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated teacher for their kids. The goal was to provide a professional introduction to the world's most popular team sport.

Led by Julie Nachtwey, the parents contacted Bill O'Donnell, who brings his expertise from Liverpool, England, where he led high school teams to great success. Liverpool is famous for its soccer culture, and our name was taken from the English river Mersey, in recognition of this English influence. Bill accepted the role of director of coaching, and with a focus on excellence and skillful play, the club has become a pillar of the local soccer community, developing teams that have competed successfully throughout the East Bay over the years.  

At Mersey Soccer Club, we prioritize experienced and knowledgeable coaching, creating an environment where players can thrive and grow. Our home base is the scenic King Field on Hopkins St. in Berkeley, where most practices take place, while older aged teams play and practice at Gabe Catalfo Fields and Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex. 

The Mersey Name

The River Mersey is a historic waterway stretching about 70 miles from Manchester to Liverpool Bay. It gives its name to the Merseyside region and transitions into part of the Manchester River Canal during its journey to the sea. Despite its changing course and width, the Mersey remains rich in history. Along its banks, you will find the homes of four top English Premier League soccer clubs: Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

The Golden Vision

The β€œGolden Vision,” a term coined in honor of Everton legend Alex Young, embodies our commitment to skillful, artistic soccer. Like Young, who mesmerized spectators with his grace and finesse on the field, Mersey players aspire to embody the essence of the Golden Vision in every match and training session. 

β€œHe stroked the ball, rather than kicked it. He glided across even the heaviest of surfaces, shimmying and tricking his way past clogging defenders before effortlessly floating shots past baffled goalkeepers.” (Everton FC website, about Young)


A Community of Champions

Mersey Soccer Club proudly stands as an affiliate club within the esteemed Albany Berkeley Soccer League, who hosts a membership of over 2,600 players, providing a robust and vibrant soccer community for athletes of all ages.

As part of District 4 of the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA), the Albany Berkeley League is among 15 leagues within the district, which collectively hosts around 25,000 players. CYSA oversees approximately 12,000 teams and more than 200,000 players, making it a cornerstone of youth soccer in California.

Join us at Mersey Soccer Club, as we enter our 40th year serving the North Berkeley community, and become part of a legacy built on passion, excellence, and love and respect for the beautiful game of soccer.


Mersey Soccer Club
1831 Solano Ave #8163 
Berkeley, California 94707

Phone: 510-989-5574
Email: [email protected]

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